Aija viesojas televīzijā "900 Sekundēs"

Today in early morning I went to a Latvian Television program “900 Seconds” (TV3) to speak about my new album and play one of my singles on air. 
In this photo I am with the TV moderators and my very proud son who is presenting my new vinyl!


Watch the full episode here below:
Thanks so much the whole TV3 Ziņas team for welcoming me.

"I Hope You Live" - the first single from my upcoming release "Creation".

Hello dear listeners,

I am so happy to let you know that the first single from my upcoming album is out as of today! Yeei!

Have you seen it yet?

"I Hope You Live" is an intimate composition written for piano and string quartet, and so beautifully played by NŌNA String Quartet and myself on the piano. 

Here is what my dear friend said about "I Hope You Live":

"For soul and inspiration, gratitude and life; joy, peace and a warm summer evening."


#PianoDay2021 Single "Blossom"

29th of March - it's the day this year when all over the world people celebrate the Piano Day. It takes place on the 88th day of the year, referring to the number of the piano keys. It's a tradition that was started by Nils Frahm (


This year I  too wanted to join this celebration and more especially because this year I have a real acoustic piano at home!! Could there be any better reason? haha.

So in the midst of writing my new album, I decided to spend a weekend and create something I could share with everyone - and so please enjoy my newest composition "Blossom".

"Abyss" - new single out now

"Abyss" - my newest track was released on November 6th, and is available to listen through the link here.

The essence of this track is the nostalgia for one's childhood - manifested in moments of fond memories, at the same time deeply immersive and blurred, and intertwined with a thread of sadness over a time gone by; just another reminder of the transient nature of our lives.

"Abyss" 'video was created by French director Paul Lavau. My collaboration with him started earlier this year when I was invited to write the soundtrack for his documentary “202”. In the video for “Abyss” Paul portrayed his own take on the memory and the feeling of nostalgia, crafting the film to the finalized music composition. Watch it here.

Feature Film  01.09.2020

I recently found out that back when my music was available in music library it was licensed by a film director and used in a feature film! I would have never found out if this person wouldn't write me! So grateful!

The film is called "These Birds Don't Fly South in the Winter" by Sean Ryan. As per his quote "The film was recognized by 13 Film Festivals to include 3 Best Film wins in 2019 and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video." Pretty amazing stuff.

My song 'Morning Glow' was used in the intro of this film and you can watch it here:

A little glimpse into my first solo concert in Roja, Latvia last week.

I am extremely grateful to each and everyone who came all the way to Roja (that's like 120 km from the capital where the third of our population lives) to see my first solo piano concert. 

I cannot express enough how nervous I was, not even sure if I was more nervous of playing the piano in front of a public or speaking.

Anyway, those who didn't make it, you can see little glimpse of the concert here. The place is fabulous, although a bit too large for me. 

I hope I will have more concerts, maybe more intimate ones and with a real piano.

Love, Aija

Concert #1

I am happy to let you know that I will play my first ever concert tomorrow, July 3rd in Roja, Latvia.

The concert EMBRACE THE SILENCE will be a dedication to silence, I will play my own compositions, peaceful and melodic for meditative mood. See you tomorrow!

'In Delight' - the single released in Piano Day 2020

“Piano Day, an annual worldwide event founded by a group of likeminded people, takes place on the 88th day of the year – in 2020 it’s the 28th March – because of the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated.” - that's today! Happy Piano Day dear fellow composers, pianists and piano music lovers around the world!
This year I am joining the celebration with a new release on Spotify: "In Delight". Remember the free spirit and free mind you had when you were a child. How you enjoyed all the simple things and even in an empty backyard you were busy all day inventing and playing games. "In Delight" is about this freedom. Inspired by my youngest toddler.
Enjoy the music here.

HUAWEI commercial

The recent collaboration with the film director Marcin Filipek has resulted in a powerful and emotional story for Huawei.

Watch it here.

Allowed to cry!

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 11.32.06
New music out now - 'What Kind of World'

I am very thrilled to let you know that I have been invited to participate in a compilation album together with pianists and composers from all over the world. My composition 'What Kind of World' is part of the album "Uto'pians. Piano Collection Vol.1" released by Blue Spiral Records. An utopian is a dreamer who believe in harmony with society and with nature.

Part of the proceeds goes to La Senda Verde Animal Sanctuary, Bolivia.

You can buy the album here and listen to it here

The single ANXIETY is out!

I am very happy to announce that my newest release - a single Anxiety has been published now. 

It is available on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms.

For this release I have collaborated with this wonderful Latvian artist Zane Balode, her painting "Rooting for you" (40/40, oil, canvas, 2017) was used for the artwork of this single.

New single out - Moving

I am happy to announce my new track 'Moving' is out today!
Hope you all enjoy it :) Available on Spotify too.

Aija's very first LIVE performance

Last Saturday it was the day of my first ever public performance on the piano! This was in the scope of the Infinite Piano Series organised by the very talented pianist and composer Andy Johnson and took place for 12 non-stop hours in the beautiful St. Pancras International Station lobby on the piano that was donated by himself Sir Elton John. Thanks to everyone who came and watched and also participated! 

Here's a little clip of myself playing one of my originals.

TAG Heuer X Aston Martin

The video production company Progress Film and the film director Ben Lankester have released a new TAG Heuer X Aston Martin commercial featuring my track "Healing" from my debut album "Domum". It is such a beautiful film shot in the Peak District, England and Swiss Alps.

Watch the video here.

ASton Martin 2.png
TAG Heuer / Bamford project

I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to work on the film by Bamford Watch Department about George Bamford, bespoke watch specialist, and his business. 

Watch the video here.

Music Video Out Now

Music video for 'Morning Glow' - neo-classical piano track from my debut album 'Domum' was released in June 2018.  For this video I worked together with a film director and producer Dylan Friese-Greene and it tells the story of a girl coming home to her piano after the night out, whittnessing the city waking up.
Starring Tasha Wells.

Watch the video here.

Domum on Artlist

Domum now available on Artlist - music licensing platform for filmmakers.