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Aija is a Latvian composer living and working in Riga, Latvia. Her second full length album, Creation, has been released in 2021, following her debut release, Domum, in 2017. 
Music has always been her expressive language, a tool to tell a story, bringing about pleasurable melancholy, as she strives to help her listeners get in touch with the core of their emotions. Currently Aija is focusing on modern classical composition work for film, commercial and standalone releases.

Aija Alsina was born in Riga, Latvia, in a family of five, and it was at her grandparents’ farm where she would spend her summers and where she got acquainted with the piano at the age of six. This turned into a lifelong affection, and, while never receiving any formal music education, Aija has since partaken in many musical activities – singing in choirs, playing bassguitar in several indie and post-rock bands, organising concerts and tours.

Music was always just a hobby, a mental retreat from everyday routine, until in 2013 Aija left Riga for Barcelona, leaving behind both her day job in finance and band mates in Gaserata, a Latvian post-rock collective. She reunited with her childhood instrument – the piano – and started working on her debut album. She moved again in 2015, this time to London where she has completed an MSc in Composition for Film and Media.

In 2019 after six years of living abroad she relocated from London back to her home country - Latvia.

Aija’s music combines all of her diverse musical experiences and influences from the places where she has lived, from Riga and Copenhagen to Barcelona and London. Her instrument of choice is still the piano, but she creates music that is multi-layered, experimenting with timbres and sound effects and using brass and strings as accompaniment to create mesmerizing and unforgettable compositions.

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