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"Aija Alsina manages to achieve a lot with minimal means and for that she deserves great respect. Like its predecessor, the new album also manages to convince and enchant. In a way that has really become quite rare." (Translated from German)


"Creation is the project of a story; the one of a mother whose purpose in life is to create art, and through this creation explains her own motherhood. Alsina’s instrument of choice is the piano, and her approach is always one that is simple and free of futile ornaments and decorations; she uses all the elements of music in balanced proportions. There is no over usage of musical intellectualism, musical emotions — everything seems to be at the right place, in the right amount. It is a very well crafted project, yet natural and honest. A pure moment of bliss."

- Doug Thomas

"I don’t always know how to describe neoclassical piano work, but when I got to the end of the first line of this piece I felt chills up and down my spine. If that’s not the measure of the spiritual significance of a piece of music, I don’t know what is."

-Ear To The Ground

DOMUM (2017)

"Aija Alsina has created a very impressive debut album with Domum! I’m so glad the piano has recaptured her imagination and that she is able to share her musical gifts with the world!"

- Kathy Parsons at 

" evocative album filled with texture and imagery. An effort characterized both by its assembly of mixed emotions, and by its delicate play and the broad range of sounds. Aija Alsina's debut is utterly captivating."

- piano and coffee co.

"Domum is therefore also composed in such a way that it can penetrate into the furthest corner of heart and soul." (Translated from German)

- Gezeitenstrom

"People will put their own images and words on the music, and build their dreams from there."

- Too Much Love Magazine

"Šajā emocionāli izjustajā albumā klausītājs var tikai apbrīnot Aijas spēju izstāstīt veselu stāstu, neizmantojot nevienu vārdu."

- D.G. Feltona Blogs

"Domum is a successful launch into the world of solo recordings for Aija Alsina."

- Doug Thomas

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