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MOVING (2019)

The single Moving was released on March 2019. It bears a very personal meaning for Aija.


DOMUM (2017)

Aija’s debut album, Domum, is a set of 12 piano pieces, released in September 2017. The album features work created over four years, and has received critical acclaim from various international reviewers like Piano & Coffee Co.Gezeitenstrom, Kathy Parsons of Mainly PianoDoug ThomasMusicperk, and Too Much Love Magazine, as well as the Latvian Radio NABA and independent reviewer Dainis Gzibovskis.


The title (Latin for homeward) expresses Aija’s return to her childhood instrument – the piano, but also implies the struggle of finding her own unique musical expression. The overall romantic and delicate compositions also have a distinctly melancholy hue, making this a highly emotionally charged album. The piano is accompanied by violin (Shannon Stott-Rigsbee), cello (Daniel Gonzalez), and French horn (John Stacy); the album cover features original artwork by Evija Saitere.