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Quite often I receive questions from my listeners asking whether I am going to play in this or another country any time soon. The truth is, at this moment I do not have a manager to book me tours around the world, but do not worry. I have came up with a solution that should work for everybody. 

I want to connect with each and everyone of you and if you cannot make it to my shows in Latvia, I offer you a chance to book a private online concert JUST for you!

Here is how this would work:

🎶 I offer 1 hour long private online piano concert where you will hear me play and enjoy my music from anywhere in the world REAL TIME and just for YOU privately! 


🎶 When you go to the booking platform, you will be able to choose 1 hour from the available time slots, however if due to time zone differences, none of the time works well for you, please do contact me, so I can set up a custom slot for you. 


🎶 The default video meeting provider for this service is Teleport. If you prefer Zoom platform, it’s not a problem, I can send you an invite separately. 


🎶  When the meeting day approaches, you will receive a reminder the day before; and on the day of the meeting, simply follow the link on your invite and you will be able to enjoy my piano playing from any place in the world. I will be playing the piano either from my home or my studio. 


I am looking forward to connecting with you!


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